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What Women must know if they want to SURVIVE!

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WHAT ALL WOMEN SHOULD KNOW… If you want to survive.
If you’re like me and most every other woman on this planet, you purchase products that are going to enhance your beauty in some way.  Wether they promise to make you smell good, stop the aging process, or repair some inadequacy you feel you have, if it hits a desire you have, you will buy it believing what you were being promised.  After all why wouldn’t you believe it?  I mean they are in the industry of beauty, and they wouldn’t lie to you just to make money.  Right?  Uhh no.  This is the farthest from the truth.  You see most ingredients found in womens products are actually slowly killing you.  While you are getting temporary surface gain what is happening beneath the surface will startle you.  The reason I am compelled to write this is because I am so fed up with businesses pushing products that are killing women.  Why do you think breast cancer is at insane numbers taking lives every day?  75% is because all of the products we are sold promising to make us beautiful are poison.  Funny thing is you can find information all over to prove what I’m saying.  It’s just easier to turn a blind eye and pretend you are being protected by some other entity who “has your best interest in mind”.  Well it’s time to be informed.  That other entity doesn’t exist commercially.  In fact it is governed and run by special interest groups with big money behind them.  It’s up to you to educate yourself or you stand no chance surviving your entire life without “getting” some type of cancer that’s specific to women.
There are several ingredients in womens products that are known to cause cancer so I am going to stick to the two that are in 99% of them to keep this blog as short as possible.  Not only are they in womens products but they are in 99% of all other products as well.  Shampoos, conditioners, Lotions, body butter, all make up, all skin care…..  everything.  Sulfates, SLS and Parabens!  Sulfates are a cheap cleanser found in everything from hand soap, dish soap, car wash, to toothpaste.  Parabens are synthetic preservatives found in EVERYTHING.  These ingredients are silent killers.  Your skin is the LARGEST ORGAN IN YOUR BODY AND ABSORBS 60% OF EVERYTHING YOU PUT ON IT DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BLOOD STREAM AND DOES NOT PASS THROUGH YOUR FILTERING SYSTEM TO CLEANSE IT.  THAT MEANS IT GOES DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BLOOD!  You rub lotion all over you after you get out of the shower, your pores are wide open.  In the shower you wash your hair, your pores are wide open!  Think about it.  Its so dangerous, it scary. Directly into your blood stream.  ahhh!
So as of now I am sure most of you have heard of Sulfates.  There is a lot of controversy within beauty industry as to wether or not these ingredients are harmful to you or not.  Of course on the side of “they are safe” is the product companies themselves.  Its a bunch of bull if you ask me.  Forgive my vulgarity I have just had it with companies using cheap ingredients that are killing the very customers they claim to care about.  According the the 1988 American Toxicology report (yes there is evidence in the Toxicology report) sulfates are a SKIN IRRITANT!, THEY ALSO CAUSE HORMONAL IMBALANCES, not to mention in the manufacturing of it carcinogens are created (cancer causing), it weakens the immune system, ALONG with all of the other horrible things it does to women, children and men too!  Parabens mimmic the hormone Estrogen.  This means a synthetic estrogen enters your  blood, joins together with your cells and signals to your brain that you have too much estrogen.  So your brain backs off on the production of natural estrogen.  But, you do not have estrogen.  It is synthetic therefore it does not do what estrogen does.  Please know that when we have an abundance of synthetic elements and mutated cells within our bodies cancer forms.  When your hormones are imbalanced it not only caused mental abnormalities, it also attacks your reproductive organs.   Also note that when you have too many synthetic toxins in your blood, your body must produce fat cells to have somewhere to store them.  Now you have a hormonally imbalanced system and more fat cells being produced, and your cells are mutating.  Great!  Not only are we becoming raging depressed lunatics but we are getting fat on top of it!  Yay!  All because we desire to be more beautiful.  Thank you manufacturers for purposefully using CHEAP ingredients that are not only slowly killing us, but also adding to our imbalanced hormones and giving us disease ridden bodies.  Did you also know that men “get” breast cancer too??  Hmmmm…  interesting link there.  Does your husband use your shampoo and conditioner?  Or how about your children?
“Both SLS and SLES are known to have many effects that can potentially be detrimental to health. Among the possible dangers are the following
Skin irritation / skin corrosion
Hormone Imbalance
Eye irritation / eye deformities in children
Protein Denaturing
Carcenogenicity (potential to cause cancer)
Most worryingly, irritation has been shown to occur at concentrations of 0.5%, which is 1/60th the concentration found in some hand soaps. Caveat emptor!
Most worryingly, irritation has been shown to occur at concentrations of 0.5%, which is 1/60th the concentration found in some hand soaps. Caveat emptor!
The AJT report staes that “Other studies have indicated that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate enters and maintains residual levels in the heart, the liver, the lungs and the brain from skin contact. This poses question of it being a serious potential health threat to its use in shampoos, cleansers, and tooth pastes.”
Skin Irritation
SLS is used routinely in clinical studies. This may suggest a level of comfort, however, the way in which it is used is disturbing. Despite being the number one active ingredient in virtually all soaps, shampoos and cleansers, the sole purpose of using SLS in clinical studies is to cause skin irritation that can then be used to identify the properties of other chemicals!
Amazing isn’t it? For years, we have been applying known irritants to our skin on a daily basis. To quote the ACT report “The abbreviated symbol for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is used around the world in clinical studies as a skin irritant. SLS is the universal standard, by which a measured percentage is evaluated to promote a given level of irritation and reaction. By this SLS standard level of irritation, it is then possible to evaluate the healing or modifying characteristics of any ingredient or formula used on the SLS irritated skin.”

Hormone Imbalance
In the last 100 years or so, many new health problems have come to light. These include PMS / PMT, the so-called “menopausal symptoms” which never used to exist, and more recently a massive drop in male fertility which threatens our continued existence in many western countries. SLS is most likely a major contributor to all of these problems due to its oestrogen mimicking activity.
Oestrogen is a hormone found quite normally in both men and women. Like all other hormones, it’s circulating levels are rigidly controlled by the glands of the body due to the potent effect of its presence on virtually all cells. Not only does SLS irritate the skin, it is also absorbed through the skin (high levels of skin penetration may occur at even low concentration). Once in the body, the SLS molecule attaches to oestrogen receptors, mimicking the effects of the hormone in various body systems.
The result is hormonal chaos. The body can no longer control it’s own oestrogen levels (or at least, what it sees as it’s own oestrogen levels – it can’t tell the difference between endogenous oestrogen and SLS) and therefore loses control of many normal endocrine (hormonal) functions.
In men, whose oestrogen levels are normally extremely low, this massive increase causesbreast enlargement, reduction of male hormone levels and a massive drop in both sperm count and sperm motility (ability of the sperm to fertilise an ovum). Gender confusion may also be related to SLS levels, either in the male himself or in his mother during pregancy.
In women, the reproductive system, which is totally controlled by oestrogen and progesterone, goes haywire. Rapidly shifting oestrogen levels and their effect on progesterone levels mean that the body is totally confused, leading to menstrual problems, menopausal symptoms and potentially infertility. Because this subject is so important, we have devoted a whole section of this site to womens health.
Eye Irritation / eye deformities in children
Have you ever got shampoo in your eyes? Yes, so have I – not pleasant is it? However, the potential effects of SLS on the eye are much more worrying. In animal studies, 10% SLS caused acute corneal damage. However, it is not just direct eye contact that is the problem. According to the American College of Toxicology, “tests show permanent eye damage in young animals from skin contact in non-eye areas”.
In other words, because SLS is absorbed through the skin, it can cause PERMANENT eye damage WITHOUT ever directly coming into contact with your eyes. As a result, you would expect that childrens products would be SLS-free. Unfortunately not, most childrens shampoos contain just as much SLS as those for adults.
Thankfully, alternatives DO exist, though you would be hard-pressed to find them in your local chemist or supermarket.
Protein Denaturing
Our cells are made from protein. The development of those cells is strictly regulated by the reproductive processes that are continually at work removing damaged and old cells and replacing them with healthy new ones. Virtually every cell in the body is replaced at least every 7 years.
SLS exerts its effects on proteins by forming a chemical bridge between the fat-soluble and water-soluble parts of the protein moecule. This disrupts the hydrophobic forces needed to maintain the protein structure and the molecule collapses, rendering it useless. This effect is usually irriversible.
The result of this is two-fold. Firstly, existing proteins are damaged, leading to an increase in the amount of healing required by the body. Secondly, new proteins can be damaged and cells disrupted while they are under construction. It is exactly this type of activity that can lead to the early stages of skin cancer.
In the skin, this process can be so severe, that skin layers may separate and inflame due to its (SLS’s) protein denaturing properties.
Quite apart from it’s potential to cause pre-cancerous conditions by denaturing proteins, the oestrogen mimicking effects of SLS also offers massive potential to cause cancer. It is known that many cancers, not least breast and ovarian cancer are directly related to oestrogen levels, in fact some cancer cells actually secrete their own oestrogen, which contributes to the growth of the tumour.
Clearly, by disrupting normal oestrogen levels AND by causing similar effects at a cellular level as endogenous oestrogen, SLS exhibits MASSIVE potential to both cause and worsen cancerous states. The incidence of breast cancer has increased several-fold in the last 50 years, both in women and in men. Currently, according to the American Cancer Society, men account for approximately 1% of all breast cancer cases. This subject is discussed in more detail in our womens health section.
There is also a third way by which SLS can potentially cause cancer. Carcinogenic nitrates can form in the manufacturing of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or by its inter-reaction with other nitrogen bearing ingredients within a formulation utilizing this ingredient (many shampoos contain nitrate compounds). A single shampooing can produce more cancer-causing nitrates in the body than eating a pound of bacon, which is VERY high in nitrates!
Whether it is by these means or not, SLS in a known mutagen – it is capable of damaging the genetic material found every cell in your body. As mutagenicity has been strongly linked to cancer, this is a major concern.
Take control of your health and exchange your toxin-filled household with SLS-free products:”
I hope I have been able to shed some light on your thinking and if this information even saves one life my mission will have been a great one. My main concern is our mothers and our children. Save your little ones from being exposed to this kind of poison. Stop voting for these types of ingredients with your dollars. Educate yourself and question everything.  Take your power back into your own hands.  Especially when it comes to what big business is selling you. You deserve light, love, and a life full of health, and so do your children.
Much Love and Light!
*For hormone Imbalances Natural herbs are the best way to go. Estro Logic is an amazing supplement that took me from rage, SEVERE pain and depression during PMS to not even knowing when it was coming. I also take 5-HTP a serotonin supplement and DMAE a neurotransmitter. These two combined keep hormones in check and provide a balanced life. My guy use to call it the 10 day cycle haha. Now I have chocolate cravings at most. Nature knows how to heal.

*Also Instead of Lotion, consider oil.  Hemp oil and organic cold pressed coconut oil is among the best.  Coconut oil is the only scientifically proven oil to actually make a structural change within the hair shaft as the molecules are small enough to fit inside.  Most other oils have large molecules which only coat your hair and or skin.  Coconut oil is also an amazing anti aging element to put on your skin.  Yes even problem skin, as it is an anti bacterial.  It even cures yeast infections. 

   Make sure it is expeller pressed or Cold pressed though, this is the only option as chemical extraction is what most use unless noted otherwise, and this is also cancer causing……
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