Monday, March 30, 2015

What to do to begin calling him in! AND What NOT To Do!

If you're not deliberate, you'll get what you have always got; even if that's nothing at all.

Many women are so eager to attract love into their lives.  Who can blame them?  I was too.  The reality is, this eagerness was one of the very things keeping me from finding him.  I had taken many courses on attracting your soul mate and "how to find true love", but, to no avail, I was still single.

I attributed it to the fact that I was a single divorcee, with children.  I even believed there were no men in the world that could "meet me where I was".  I am a strong independent woman, and I have several businesses so I am very busy.  I had the belief that there were no men who could "keep up with me", that I was never going to find a man who would be "like me"; spiritual, philosophical, entrepreneurial, and not an asshole.  I was walking around the world doing all the "rituals" I was taught to "call in the one", and I was getting nothing but lame guys I wanted nothing to do with; nothing was working.  I "gave up".  I said "alright, I am tired of this game, I'm going to work on myself, my children, and my career".  This worked for a month or so, however, there was still this longing for a man in my life deep down.  I really wanted to be in Love.

I suddenly realized, even after doing all this "shining the light" on my limiting beliefs, I still had deep barriers to attracting true love standing in the way; hence the reason I was still single.  I decided to apply the same principals to getting a man that I applied to my business and in less than a few months, there he was, exactly how I had "scripted" it.  Even though I have been in relationship coaching for almost a decade, I had to do the most work on myself.  Being able to delve into the psyche's of hundreds of women blessed me with the consciousness that I can only attract what I believe.  However, most of the beliefs we hold are subconscious, and they can be very hard to "root".  Once I realized I needed to use the same strategies I used to attracting clients to attracting "the one", it was game on!  I began to teach these principals to my clients,  and one after another they were meeting their soul mates and getting married.  It was quite unbelievable.  These principals even healed marriages, and deepened the love where there was previously only a faint remembrance of it.  It has been miraculous.  In fact, these principals are the only reason I have been able to Keep the love of my life, and not subconsciously sabotage it; as most women do this without even realizing they are doing it.

I want to share with you some of the first principals so  you can begin to attract the love you truly deserve.


  1. Be Intentional! Gain clarity about the type of man you want to attract.  IE: write a list, a novel even, of what you desire in him and be sure to FEEL each thing for a period of at least 60 seconds.  What to Include: Personality, Values, Physical attributes, Sexuality, Emotional Availability, Intellect, Finances, How he feels about you: You are a Queen and he makes you the center of his world while maintaining his ambition, Spirituality, Humorous, Loyal etc.
  2. What Kind of Relationship do you want?!  This is the most important thing.  Do you want a best friend? Someone who knows how to communicate? Someone who can understand and handle his emotions? A solid foundational relationship? A supportive and compassionate Relationship? A relationship full of Passion and sexual desire (this is important!)?  BE SPECIFIC.  This is probably the most important category.  Women forget to include this clarity in their desires and this is where you want to be the most specific.  Again, FEEL it.  FEEL each thing for at least 60 seconds.
  3. Attraction Rituals:  Love and Relationship Dream/Vision Board, Meditate and connect with his higher self daily, Script write(the most powerful tool you can do), Do love attraction dancing, get into the groove of Love.  Love yourself!  Put on a sexy nighty and light candles, dance around your house as though you are dancing with him.
  4. Clear out your limiting beliefs around Men and Relationships:  Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, as this is the only way to figure out what is keeping you alone.  Clear out your past and your space, this is the only way you will be able to receive a new love, with a "clean slate".  Journal your findings.  Begin to make the connections in your previous relationships and the men you attract.  You'll find your blocks and barriers there.  
  5. RECEIVE HIM!  Open yourself to receive love.  You deserve it even if deep down you don't believe you do.  If you have had negative relationships in the past, there is 9 times out of 10, a deserving piece there.  This means because you have attracted negative relationships, you deep down do not truly believe you deserve a good one.  Look at your childhood programming around relationships and men, your previous traumas, your fear of being rejected, etc.  You can reprogram the faulty belief systems in your consciousness to good ones so you can not only attract a good man, you'll have a good relationship that lasts as well. See yourself in love. Feel what it would feel like.


  2. Do not cling to the outcome.  You can't have desperation in your energetic being and attract a man who is confident and secure.  Like attracts Like.
  3. Do not spend so much time on the way he looks:  You want to include his physical attributes but this should only be 2% of your list.  He may show up different and if you are held onto his physical attributes you are likely to dismiss a great love.
  4. Do not ignore your intuition! After you have created your lists you will have a "desire map" stored in your brain.  Your brain will filter out all non matches, and filter in all matches, do not ignore this.  Do not get hung up on letting a man go.  The next one will be a thousand times better than the last.  If you are meditating with his higher self, you will know him when you meet him.  It will be a magical dance of your souls through each others eyes.  It is law.
  5. LOVE YOURSELF FIRST! I know this sounds cliche but there really is something to this.  You can only attract what you are.  You must clean out your false Identity and empower the truth of your Inner Queen if you want to attract a King.  It's that simple.  Do the work short term, and you will have long term lasting love.  It's more than worth the investment in yourself.  You're going to have to do it at some point anyway if you want to have a happy life; even if you don't, life has a way of forcing us to wake up.

Good luck and if you need any help, I AM HERE FOR YOU!  IT'S WHAT I DO.

Transformational Relationship and Success Coach

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